could we replace schools old history curricula starting with the ace curriculum- if media let alone schools are to sustain humabs the how do the borders of america ( eg usa's 2!) china (about 20) europe (very complex as all bad idea of white empires - eg slavemaking, genocidal militaries, opium as a currency began in this old world's conflict between the med sea and the north sea and 1500's race to take over the new world's space and then...)

how to go beyond 20th C world wars caused by carbon-extracting industrial revolution; EWTP SME free trade
breaking june 2017- california joins beijings BELT world as does Japan- bloomberg commits inner city mayors and business to paris climate accord

biolight ... ecovent
back on earth 60s moon race caused china to come out from great wall and start belt road mapping death of distance's world trade routes- quiz how's your place's location related to Belt Road 0-10 OWR: underwater power source that has up to 130 times the energy density of Li-ion batteries why doesnt every city adopt mit year round student e-celebrations Village Infrastructure Angels

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The history of human progress shows quantum leaps when new energy or open tech is innovated. This is why my father's lifetime work at The Economist was geared to pro-youth economic celebrations of 2010s as worldwide youth's most productive time - how can clean energy project empower this -and will we network successfully so that the abundant green energy web replaces the petrochemical energy chain that is now drowning us in itsso very  20th century addiction to carbon. Fortunately the world's number 1 prize network for grassroots energy http:/'/ is run by the Sainsbury family who have also been youth's greatest supporters among shareholders of The Economist

Further references: ; and ; latest book on Grameen Energy

Please help us (rsvp  with our search of whom in DC would most wish to connect with student energy projects as we prepare tri-state student competitions DC VA MD - for example Branson's Carbon War-room; alumni of Neville Williams and  who first championed solar on behalf of Jimmy Carter's presidency and whose knowledge was the initial inspiration of Yunus 

we're helping prepare a benchmark tour of Bangladesh's deepest communal knowhow on green energy - target date march 2013 - early inquiries welcome

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